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Akili partners with small scale producers to realize improved production efficiencies and value addition benefits through an entire value chain focus.

Life in the rural area in Kenya is often presented as uneconomical with most small-scale farmers being subsidized by relatives in urban areas and/or government write-offs of debts. Our dream is to establish enough partnerships with small-scale producers in different parts of the country, that all of them, operating at a profit, will transform Kenya.

We value collaboration and partnership at every level of engagement, and seek to undertake our operations profitably and sustainably.

Current Projects

Currently Akili has projects among members of the following communities:

Groups linked to the Hifadhi Project

Groups linked to the Hifadhi Project in Embu North, Embu East and Mbeere South comprising users of Carbon Offset funded energy efficient cookstoves. We are working with groups in this project to identify and develop a value chain of choice: beekeeping; poultry; dairy development; agroforestry among others.

Beekeeping groups in Kirinyaga & Embu

Beekeeping groups, through their Community Forest Associations, in Kirinyaga and Embu. Specialised training is provided to members of the project to site, maintain, harvest, and GPS-mark hives owned by other memers of the CFA and by investors for an income sharing arrangement.

Horticultural producing groups in Kirinyaga and Embu

Akili is working in partnership with small-scale production groups in Kirinyaga and Embu Counties to supply a buyer that has the capacity to absorb weekly container-loads of vegetable dehydrates. This project is currently at the start up stage, with the factory setup currently ongoing. The overall object of the intended horticultural development programme is to create an avenue through which producers will have access to a guaranteed large market (a container load of dehydrates requires 225,000 kgs of fresh leaves), and, through participation in the value chain, record measurable profit and other holistic gains.

Grafco Sacco

With initial support by Partners Worldwide, this entity has implemented a dairy value chain through which more than 50% of the members have doubled their milk production within the first year. Akili works with the value chain to promote knowledge, implement value chain management processes through its Akili eT which facilitates management of groups, aggregation, selling, payment processing and generation of production and other reports.

Mt Kenya Agro and Crafts Centre

Based at Sagana Technical Training Centre (a Joint venture entity), Mt Kenya Agro and Crafts Centre implements short, practical courses that are linked to immediate employment through production of niche products for crafts and agricultural value chains. The programme is currently:

  • Training farmers in professional livestock management (beekeeping, poultry, dairy, fish farming)
  • Production of livestock management accessories: beehives; smokers; beekeeping suits (protective gear); feed mixers
  • Production of carbon offset-linked energy saving stoves (liners; metal frames).

Past Projects

Kirinyaga County: Gichugu & Mwea

The Akili Village Model as implemented in Gichugu Constituency...

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Kagamu Self-Help Group

Akili’s contributions in our partnership with Kagamu involved provision of;Startup equipment and capital to kick-start a dairy project...

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Kangemi youth

Akili has a partnership with the youth of Kangemi, Nairobi’s 3rd largest slum. Our contributions so far include...

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Eliye Springs

Eliye Springs, also known as Ille Springs, is a remote village on the western shore of Lake Turkana in Kenya, near the mouth of River Turkwel. It is located 50 kilometres west of Lodwar and 40 kilometres south of Kalokol...

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