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About the Akili Project

Akili partners with small scale producers to realize improved production efficiencies and value addition benefits through an entire value chain focus.

Our Vision

Akili strives to be a catalyst for wealth creation & community improvement through community-wide and entire value chain focus in Agriculture and resulting products.

Our Mission

We co-invest with communities and in partnership with with social investors, donors and government, provide the tools and assistance necessary to implement sustainably profitable, value adding programmes in the respective communities

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Commitment to value addition for the benefit of the poor
  • The problems we seek to solve

    In many communities in Kenya:

    • Agricultural production is generally unprofitable – subsidized by ‘diaspora’-based relatives, government and/or NGOs

    • Education is valued, highly funded, but almost NEVER applied in small-scale agriculture.

    • Common: A general state of poverty, except among traders, brokers and the employed, eg teachers. Result: rapid urban migration to overstretched cities.

    • In nearly all rural communities (which account for 80% of Kenya's population) there is progressive deterioration: of security; of the economy; of the environment; of the quality of life.

    About Akili

    Akili Holdings Ltd. is the group holding company for several social ventures that work with or through communities.

    Akili Technologies

    Akili Technologies develops and maintains the Akili eT, our software platform for value chain management. Akili Technologies also supports community based organizations install and operate the MIFOS platform, a shareware cooperative management system developed by the Grameen Foundation.

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    Akili Development Sacco

    Akili Development Sacco (ADS) is a value chain supportive cooperative that funds the establishment of value chains.

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    Akili Foods

    Through Akili Foods Ltd we process (add value) products for sale as finished goods, and also semi-process vegetables and grains for export.

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    Akili Development Organization

    Through Akili Development Organization (ADO), we provide consultancy services in the development of last mile; carbon offset services. We also consult with organizations supporting value chain development programmes in rural areas. One of the initiatives of ADO is Mt Kenya Agro & Crafts Training Centre. In partnership with Art Décor Ltd & Sagana Technical Training Institute, we implement training programs in agro forestry as a business, in dairy operations, in feed making at group level for livestock, in beekeeping, in crafts for production of carbon offset linked products such as clean cook stoves.

That's Akili Holdings in a nutshell

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